TROVAN Products Are FDA Approved

June 21, 1999

Santa Barbara, CA--
Electronic Identification Devices, Ltd. confirmed today that its TROVAN ZIPQUILLTM Implantable Delivery Device is approved for implantation of a transponder in food animals. In his letter dated 8 May, 1998, George Graber PhD, Director Division of Animal Feeds, Center for Veterinary Medicine, confirmed that "We have reviewed your submission and find there are no human food safety concerns."

The ID-100 TROVAN implantable transponder was previously approved on February 15, 1996.

"We are very pleased that our TROVAN ZIPQUILLTM has been approved for use in animals. We are now actively seeking marketing partners for this exciting new product in the areas of animal and human pharmaceutical applications," Mr. Joseph Masin, President of Electronic Identification Devices, Ltd. said.

The TROVAN ZIPQUILLTM is a unique transponder delivery device which consists of a tiny container shaped like a bullet, which tapers to a sharp point. Inside is an ID-100A transponder. The TROVAN ZIPQUILLTM can also be used to deliver antibiotics and other pharmaceutical compounds. The TROVAN ZIPQUILLTM can be inserted very easily simply by pressing it, sharp point first, into the animal's skin with the thumb. No tools are necessary.

The ZIPQUILLTM does not make an incision, or cut, in the skin as a syringe would. Rather it pierces the skin, allowing for rapid closure of the opening after penetration of the ZIPQUILLTM, thereby minimising tissue damage and trauma.

For additional information in the United States please contact:
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