City of Los Angeles Selects InfoPet Identification Systems and Trovan® Technology for Identifying Pets in City Shelters

July 12, 1996

The Los Angeles Animal Regulation Commission voted unanimously July 8 to begin a microchip identification program with InfoPet Identification Systems, using the Trovan® microchip. The selection was made upon conclusion of an exhaustive evaluation of qualifying proposals submitted to the City.

In its "Evaluation of Microchip Proposals," the City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Regulation stated that "The Trovan® scanners offered by InfoPet were superior in all ways [...]. The Trovan® scanners detected the presence of microchips at a higher percentage [...and...] at a significantly greater distance [...]. The greater read distance of the Trovan® scanners is sufficient justification alone to award a contract to InfoPet."

Under the program the city will automatically implant the chips in all companion animals picked up as strays and adopted out. Animal Regulation director Gary Olsen is confident that the technology would be "a way of identifying animals more effectively." Olsen will also ask Mayor Richard Riordan to approve a charge of $15.00 for pet owners to bring in their pets for implanting.

The Animal Control Department estimates that up to 70% of the nearly 100,000 pets lost each year in Los Angeles currently have no form of identification. Los Angeles Animal Regulation Commissioner Camille Robins said she supports the measure as a way to reduce the high number of unclaimed strays that have to be put to death by the city, stating "I think it will save a lot of animals." Alexander L. Russell, InfoPet President and CEO, said "The InfoPet program will provide L.A. residents permanent identification for their pets while enabling the animal control department to save time and expense by quickly returning animals to their homes."

The Trovan® system offered by InfoPet has been endorsed by the A.S.P.C.A. and has been selected as the global standard for zoos and aquariums by the Captive Breeding Specialist Group of the I.U.C.N. Hundreds of zoos worldwide, as well as government agencies and municipalities in 21 countries are using the Trovan system for animal identification applications.

InfoPet Identification Systems is a division of TraceNET Technologies Inc., and a distributor for the Trovan® system for companion animals.

For more information please contact:
Keith Myhre, at InfoPet Identification Systems
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Barbara Masin, at Electronic Identification Devices, Ltd.
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