Trovan, Ltd. Sues Pfizer for Trademark Infringement

February 12, 1998

Santa Barbara, CA--
Electronic Identification Devices, Ltd., the North American distributor for Trovan, Ltd., and Trovan, Ltd., a UK corporation, have initiated legal action against Pfizer Inc. for trademark infringement.

Trovan, Ltd., which owns the TROVAN trademark, is a worldwide supplier of products to electronic and pharmaceutical applications marketed under its registered trademark TROVAN since 1989.

Pfizer Inc. has obtained FDA approval in December of 1997 and has begun marketing its new oral and intravenous broad-spectrum quinolone antibiotic trovafloxacin under the TROVAN trademark. According to Pfizer, the U.S. New Drug Application filed for this antibiotic was the largest ever filed by Pfizer with the FDA. Trovan, Ltd. has taken legal action to prevent unlicensed use of the TROVAN trademark by Pfizer.

Trovan, Ltd. has obtained marketing rights for a new technology which enables delivery of antibiotics and other pharmaceutica into animals or human bodies without the use of a syringe. The TROVAN delivery device, which consists of a tiny container shaped like a bullet, can be used for implanting electronic transponders for remote animal identification. The space inside the device contains a small dose of antibiotic paste, in addition to the transponder, to ward off any possible infection of the implantation site. The TROVAN delivery device can be inserted very easily simply by pressing it, sharp point first, into the animal's skin with the thumb. No tools are necessary. The implanted container will dissolve completely in the animal's tissue within three hours of insertion.

"To the uninitiated," said Mr. Dieter Salomon of Trovan, Ltd., "this device may look like it is made of a very hard, clear plastic, but the "plastic" is actually a soluble material made of a molecular compound contained in the muscle tissue of humans and animals."

The TROVAN delivery device does not make an incision, or cut, in the skin as a syringe would. Rather it pierces the skin, allowing for rapid closure of the opening after penetration, thereby minimising tissue damage and trauma.

TROVAN passive transponders are FDA approved, and have been in use for animal identification and medical tracking applications for years. The Captive Breeding Specialist Group (C.B.S.G.), an umbrella organisation for zoos and wildlife parks worldwide, has endorsed the TROVAN product in 1991 based on its unmatched performance, its small size and its low cost to the end-user. As a consequence, the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (C.I.T.E.S.) has voted to align itself with the C.B.S.G. recommendations in 1992, specifying that endangered fauna crossing national boundaries be identified "in accordance with the advice received from the IUCN/SCC Captive Breeding Specialist Group." Use of the TROVAN passive transponder is mandated by government agencies in a number of countries.

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