Judgment against Sokymat S.A. reaffirmed on February 20, 2001

March 18, 2002

Santa Barbara--
On February 20, 2001, the United States District Court, Central District of California, has rejected Sokymat S.A.'s appeal of its earlier ruling dated June 9, 1999, in which the Court has affirmed the validity, enforceability and inventorship of U.S. Patent No. 5,281,855. The Court has determined that the Patent issued to Trovan, Ltd. and owned by Algernon Promotions Ltd (the Plaintiffs) has been infringed upon by Sokymat S.A. and others.

Sokymat S.A., which has its main offices in Granges, Switzerland, manufactures ignition immobilizer systems for the automotive industry, as well as industrial and animal RFID products sourced to and resold by other vendors under a variety of brand names. The patented technology in question in this litigation has been broadly used by Sokymat S.A. across its product range.

Mr. Joseph Masin, President of Electronic Identification Devices, Ltd. the North American distributors of the Trovan, Ltd. products said "We are pleased to have our position vindicated by the Court. The Courtís decision unequivocally confirms the enforceability of the Patent describing this important direct bonding technology by Algernon and Trovan, which has been disputed previously by Sokymat. The patent owners intend to continue to enforce their intellectual property rights and seek recovery for past damages from all manufacturers of infringing products and of infringing components as well as from users who have previously been notified."

Trovan, Ltd. is an RFID industry leader controlling a comprehensive portfolio of patented technologies. Algernon and Trovan consider their patented technologies to be an important strategic and competitive asset.

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