Accu-Sort releases integrated solution for RFID label compliance


May, 2004

Telford, PA --
Accu-Sort Systems, an EPC global member, has released its FAST Tag™ RFID tagging system for placing, tracking and verifying RFID tags on cartons and pallets. Part of Accu-Sort’s suite of Flexible Automation Solution Tools, FAST Tag is a turnkey automated solution that integrates seamlessly into existing material and data handling systems, providing a low-risk upgrade path from conventional bar code labeling systems.

The system can be tailored to meet specific user needs. The base system includes an inbound bar code scanner, RF tag applicator, tag verifier and outbound box-tag RFID verifier. Also included are controls for infeed, tracking, verify-reject outputs and additional configurable I/O features. FAST Tag software runs on a PC platform, which can be housed in an industrial enclosure or placed remotely in an office environment. The Windows®-based software controls all devices, system I/O, diagnostics, communications and reporting functions through an intuitive user interface.

Initiatives from major retailers require the use of Class 0 or Class 1 RFID technologies in the UHF band. These requirements will change when UHF Generation 2 standards are written. All FAST Tag RFID readers are compliant with Class 0 or Class1 and will be upgradeable to the Generation 2 standard. As an EPCglobal member, Accu-Sort is committed to adopting and promoting current and future standards.

Key value-enhancing features of the FAST Tag system include on-the-fly tag validation and invalid tag skipping. These processes read and validate tag data before it is applied to a carton; invalid tags are wound immediately to the waste reel, ensuring no bad tags enter the supply chain. FAST Tag also provides 100% item tracking and tracing, ensuring that the right tag gets on the right box every time. For more than 35 years, Accu-Sort has been an automatic identification pioneer, with large retailers and manufacturing companies among its core constituencies.

“Retailers have used Accu-Sort products and solutions to gain efficiencies in their distribution centers since the 1980s,” said Bob Joyce, president of Accu-Sort. “Accu-Sort has always been a leading supplier of bar code and labeling systems to leading manufacturers, who also happen to be the companies subject to the RFID labeling mandates,” he added. “Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to leverage existing systems and provide compliant RFID labeling systems very efficiently.”

For further information, contact John Thomas, Accu-Sort Systems, Inc., 2800 Crystal Drive, Hatfield, PA 19440. Phone: 1-800-BARCODE or 215-723-0981; fax: 215-996-8249; e-mail:;