Open letter by Joseph V. Masin, President of EID Systems, Ltd. to Hannis Stoddard, President of AVID Identification Systems, Inc. inviting AVID to participate in act of public service

December 14, 2007

Los Angeles, CA. --

AVID Identification Systems, Inc.
Hannis Stoddard, President

Dear Hannis,

This is to renew our standing offer which we have made in March 1992 to Avid to license the Trovan patented communication protocol between Trovan transponders and readers to Avid for the price of $1.00 (one dollar).

As you know, the owners of companion animals and U.S. animal welfare organizations require all readers used in the market to correctly display the code number and the manufacturer of the animal for the purpose of reuniting pets with their owners and saving lives of animals.

This requirement has been stated in the AIM Companion Animal Electronic ID User Requirements document dated 12/6/1994 in the creation of which AVID participated. The document lays the ground work for the "American Standard", specifying the three transponder protocols present in the market (Avid, Destron, and Trovan, currently distributed by AKC/CAR).

The implementation of the Trovan communication protocol in all your readers would benefit the public in general and allow you to demonstrate Avid's dedication to animal welfare, preventing unnecessary euthanasia of countless animals.

Electronic Identification Devices, Ltd.
Joseph V, Masin

cc/ John Mays, NACA News
Tony Bacci, AKC CAR
Dr. Janis H. Audin, AVMA
American Animal Hospital Association
Nancy Lawson, Humane Society of the United States
Becky Turner Chapman, DVM Magazine
Somyr Perry, Veterinary Practice News
Karen Wernette, AVPMCA


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