Trovan, Ltd. prevails against Sokymat in German Courts


March 6, 2002

Munich, Germany --
The State Court (Landgericht) in Munich, Germany, has ruled in favour of Trovan, Ltd. on February 21, 2002 in Case No. 7-0-17743/97, Sokymat S.A. of Granges (Veveyse), Switzerland v. Algernon Promotions, Inc. and Trovan, Ltd.

This ruling constitutes Sokymat’s fourth defeat in law suits relating to U.S. Patent no. 5,281,855 and its foreign counterpart, pending in the European Patent Office.

In both U.S. and German litigations, Sokymat initially asserted that the patent was invalid, due to the existence of prior art. “Sokymat tried a variety of defenses,” said Dieter Salomon, Trovan’s representative. “They claimed initially that the patent was invalid. Their fall-back claim was that Ake Gustafson was co-inventor of the patent. We are pleased that the German Court has dismissed both claims and has affirmed the truth in the matter: that the direct bonding technology was developed by Trovan’s team of engineers and belongs to Trovan, Ltd.”

In separate litigation, United States courts previously confirmed the validity of U.S. Patent no. 5,281,855. This ruling of the Federal District Court was subsequently confirmed on appeal by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. In that litigation, the courts concurrently ruled that Sokymat S.A. infringes on Trovan’s intellectual property rights.

U.S. Patent no. 5,281,855 and its foreign counterparts describe direct bonding technology used in micro-assembly for RFID transponders. This technology has been used by Sokymat in animal and industrial applications. “The technology represents significant breakthroughs in manufacturing automation for microtransponders and tiny electronic assemblies,” Dieter Salomon explained. “We are pleased that the Court has affirmed Trovan’s control of this direct bonding technology. Trovan will vigorously enforce its intellectual property rights against all infringing companies.”

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