Trovan, Ltd. Introduces Revolutionary Delivery Device for Animal ID

October 21, 1997

Santa Barbara, CA--
Electronic Identification Devices, Ltd., the North American distributor for TROVAN, LTD. is pleased to announce the introduction of the new TROVAN ID-100ZIP animal identification transponder. The ID-100ZIP features the patented TROVAN ZIP QuillTM.

The TROVAN ZIP QuillTM is a unique transponder delivery device which consists of a tiny container shaped like a bullet, which tapers to a sharp point. Inside is an ID-100 transponder. The TROVAN ZIP QuillTM can be inserted very easily simply by pressing it, sharp point first, into the animal's skin with the thumb. No tools are necessary.

The TROVAN ZIP QuillTM does not make an incision, or cut, in the skin as a syringe would. Rather it pierces the skin, allowing for rapid closure of the opening after penetration of the TROVAN ZIP QuillTM, thereby minimising tissue damage and trauma.

"To the uninitiated," said Mr. Dieter Salomon of Trovan, Ltd., "the TROVAN ZIP QuillTM may look like it is made of a very hard, clear plastic, but the "plastic" is actually a soluble material made of a molecular compound contained in the muscle tissue of humans and animals." The TROVAN ZIP QuillTMdissolves completely and is absorbed within three hours of insertion.

"This scientific breakthrough helps do away with unnecessary syringes and other implantation devices" stated Mr. Salomon. "It provides for unprecedented speed of application and eliminates medical waste. The TROVAN ZIP QuillTM comes individually packaged, presterilized in tear-off packages.

There is no transmission of infectious diseases, as can occur in reusable syringes, and no extensive personnel training is required. There are no transponder failures due to metal applicators or metal needles which can crack the glass capsule of the transponder as it is being extruded."

The TROVAN ID-100 transponder is one of the smallest animal implantable devices in the business, at only 11 - 11.5 mm length and 2.2 mm diameter.

It is made using a patented direct bonding technique which eliminates numerous structural components, thereby reducing the likelihood of component failure. The TROVAN ID-100 transponder has been endorsed by the Captive Breeding Specialist Group of the IUCN and by the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) based on its small size, great reliability and unmatched reading performance.

"Numerous trials and research projects have shown that the size of the transponder plays a major role in preventing transponder migration and breakage. The small transponder is not prone to migration within the muscle tissue, as are large transponders," said Mr. Salomon.

"In the future," said Dieter Salomon, "the TROVAN delivery device can also be used for delivery of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines and antibiotica, in animals and humans. Trovan, Ltd. is actively seeking strategic partners and invites inquiries from interested parties regarding potential use of the TROVAN delivery device."

The TROVAN system is protected by eight patents with additional patents pending, and is marketed worldwide by Trovan, Ltd.

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