Periodic review vote on ISO 11784/85

November 2001 -- The year 2001 is the five-year anniversary for ISO 11784 and ISO 11785, bringing with it the automatic five-year periodic review prescribed by ISO. The voting was once again characterised by a number of interesting omissions and coincidences.

The documents ISO/TC23/SC19/N182 and ISO/TC23/SC19/N183 are the two forms issued by the SC19 Secretariat showing the votes of P-member nations on ISO 11784 and ISO 11785, respectively.

It is interesting that these two tabulation forms N182 and N183 are dated 12 September, 2001. Remarkably, when the WG3 meeting took place on the 15th, three days later, Mr. Skrandies , secretary of SC19, stated explicitly that there were no results of the votation as yet (see item 10 in the document WG3_V23_Paris). There were delegates of P-member voting nations present at the WG3 meeting who would undoubtedly have been interested in discussing the remarkable results of the vote, and the large number of member nations listed as non-responding, although their national working groups had met and determined the national positions on the matter of the review.