Czech Environmental Inspection Directorate-Department of nature protection

Recorded by the Czech Environment Inspection (CEI) in the CEI headquarters, in the presence of the persons listed in the Attendance List, which is included in the attachments of this protocol.

This protocol addresses the results of a test in which reprogramming of the Datamars microchips of the Datamars company was to be tested. The test has been performed by the representative of Maria Vet Co., at the request of CIZP.

In the first part of the test an ISO transponder only zeros, with the exception of the last digit, which was no. 1, whereafter this chip has been interrogated by ISO-MAX III (manufactured by Datamars). Thereafter the representative of CIZP has presented his own microchips from Datamars which has been purchased through a marketing chain (organization) in Hradec Kralove programmed with a code number 203…….. which number has been used to duplicate (re-write) the code of the original transponder (chip). Thereafter both ISO chips (transponders) have been read (interrogated) with the above-mentioned reader and it has been determined that the test panel has at its disposal two chips (transponders) with identical code number.

During the second part of the test an attempt has been made to re-write the transponder (chip) which has been purchased into a random (arbitrary) code number. This attempt in this part of the test has not been successful (the code number could not be rewritten), since it was not possible to break the access code utilized in the used software.

Conclusion: through this test it has been demonstrated that the tested ISO chips do not guarantee the requirement for uniqueness, since it is possible to make two chips with identical code. The question of difficulty of overcoming the problem of obtaining the passwords which would allow the rewriting of chip code in other ISO chips remains to be answered.

Concluded, reviewed and signed.