Judgment in Favor of Trovan September 8, 2000, on U.S. Patent no. 5,281,855 Litigation Trovan et al. v. Sokymat Case No. 99-1474, 1488

September 11, 2000

Santa Barbara --
The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has confirmed the validity of U.S. Patent no. 5,281,855, and has confirmed that infringement of said patent has been conceded by Sokymat S.A. This ruling was in response to an appeal filed by Sokymat suggesting that the trial court abused its discretion in ruling in Trovan's favour.

The second argument by Sokymat concerned the issue of inventorship of U.S. Patent no. 5,281,855. This issue has been remanded by the Appeals Court for resolution by the District Court.

The cross appeal by Trovan et al. concerning the ownership of Ake Gustafson's U.S. Patent No. 5,572,410, which the District Court determined was owned by Mr. Gustafson, has been denied.

In unrelated legal action by Metget of Sweden, claims 12 - 24 of the European counterpart to the above-mentioned Gustafson U.S. patent no. 5,572,410, the EP 0573 469, have been ruled unenforceable by the German court, due to the existence of prior art. The value of this patent remains questionable.

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